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This company (designerhardware.com) charged me but never sent my product to me and then ignored my repeated inquiries about when I'd be getting it. Seems like a big scam and easy way to steal money.

I ordered something from this site at the end of June 2011 (that's over 5 months ago). I was charged instantly and told I would get the delivery in 6 weeks. After 8 weeks I called and inquired about it and was told the shipment would go out in mid-September. Ok no problem. At the end of September I still have not received anything and I called again. They said someone would call me back. No one called me back. I called and left messages two more times over the next few weeks and no one called me back. I got a name of a manager and emailed him and he did not email me back.

I called again two weeks ago and was told my order would go out on Monday, Nov. 26 and that they would be able to give me a tracking number that day. I've been calling since Monday throughout the day and once my call was asnwered. I was put on hold and then hung up after a few minutes. I have called back many times since then and no one even answers, even when I let the phone ring and ring. There isn't a voicemail or an option to wait for the next available person. I tried from a different phone number and still no answer.

If they can't get my product, at least tell me that and give me a refund. It's been almost half a year waiting for cabinet door handles and I think that's unreasonable time to wait if they said 6 weeks.

I think they are disgusting in their lack of respect for my time. I have finally emailed asking for a refund but I am not expecting a response. I have already requested a charge dispute form from my credit card company.

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I have had the exact same experience. I am beyond frustrated with this company.

Charged my credit card in July. Still have not received product. Almost 5 months. I actually called the manufacturer to enquire and they have no record of outstanding orders. I can not get return phone calls or emails. I would guess I have called at least 30 times without a return call. I have sent at least 30 emails as well. No one will return an email or tell me where my product is. I have asked them to cancel the order but can not get anyone to refund my money. Apparantly the manager Frank is the only one that can do this. He of course also wont return my emails.

Do not use this company. They are at minimum the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with.

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